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A lifelong dream of mine was to be in the presence of Oprah, so I was very excited to be able to hear her speak at her recent Melbourne event. One of the most profound things she told me (and the thousands of other women there) was a story about launching her new network the

Sunshine, sandy feet and soul-searching

A beautiful house overlooking the ocean, the sound of waves rolling in and out on the beach below, seagulls flying by and 2 blissful days to just stop and think about who I am, where I’m going and what I want to be. This was the retreat I had to have. Breakdowns and break throughs

Mumpreneur Monday -Tracey Bailey, Biome Eco Stores

Biome began 12 years ago, the same year as my second baby girl. Our daughters have grown up only knowing Biome as a feature in our lives. I hope that experiencing their mother grow this fantastic sustainable and compassionate business has enriched their lives. After all, it is for them and future generations that we

‘Tis the season of reflection

As the year comes to a close, it’s an opportune time to reflect back on the year; to magnify the wins and take the losses on the chin. BUSINESS EXPANSION I started off with the intention to broaden my client base. 2015 was my year to expand; to spread my wings and explore other fields

Licking the wounds to your ego

My son is about to finish primary school. As part of the graduation ceremony, the children were asked to choose a quote. He surprised me when he chose this one: Falling down is part of life, getting back up is living. Quite a mature concept for a primary school child, I thought. What was more

The roller coaster of following your dreams

In my last Diary of a Mumpreneur post I shared about my husband’s big decision to quit his job and enter a world of unknown in order to change our lives for the better. We craved balance, more time together and more simple life. Over the past two weeks as he finished out his time

Find your tribe and you’ll find your mojo

I remember a story years ago about friends of ours who were invited to a dinner party at the home of work colleagues. On the back of the toilet door was their colleagues’ five year plan. It included their goal for a passive income of X amount of dollars, and the desire to surround themselves with “like-minded” friends. We

Home office inspiration

Did you know that having a beautiful and organised home office can actually make you more productive? That’s what professional organisers tell us and I know I’d be inspired to do pretty amazing work in any of these offices I’ve featured! 1. Cute and compact I love that this office takes up such a small

Be anything but don’t be beige.

A friend of mine often says, “you can call me what you want as long as it’s not boring.” I completely agree. As a creative, to be accused of being boring, or “beige” as I like to refer to it, is the ultimate insult. Beige is comfortable, unassuming, inoffensive. Beige is safe. Kids, teens, and

Inspired by smart Mumpreneurs!

I’ve felt inspired this last fortnight and as a result been propelled into action. I joined a site called “Rachel’s List” where writing-related jobs are advertised. I had to wait to be approved which was actually encouraging. It shows it is a genuine site who want to know the access they are providing is for

It’s a girl! Introducing Emilia Garner

  AusMumpreneur co-founder Katy & her husband Ian welcomed Emilia Kate Audrey Garner to the world on Sunday 3 August 2014. Length 50cm, weight 8lbs Emilia is a little sister for Lily and Leo.   PHOTOGRAPHY by Bec Thomas Photography, Cairns

Celebrity Mumpreneur: Jimeale Jorgensen of Jimeale New York

  This week my inspirational interview is with New York based designer, Jimeale Jorgensen.  She is a Melbourne born entrepreneur, philanthropist, mother of 2, wife and CEO of Jimeale New York – a leading lifestyle & travel accessory brand. Jimeale has captured a niche in the market of functional, fashionable and affordable accessories whilst living in New York City.  Her story

{Inspiration} Lisa Ketjen: Mum on a mission

I recently chatted with Lisa Ketjen about her new direction in business. Tell us a bit about yourself, your family and you business Lisa. I’m a Mum who travels the world with my Son- I’m passionate about People, Wine, Coffee, Photography & I am the founder of various successful businesses. I grew up in South