Business Experts, Mentors and Coaches Wanted

  Are you a business coach or mentor that specialises in working with mumpreneurs? We now have positions vacant for new AusMumpreneur Expert Coaches and Mentors This includes experts in the following areas: Business Sales Marketing PR Finances Mindset Funding Product Development Accounting Tech Manufacturing Importing Exporting Trademarks Insurance Our experts will be showcased on

Money, Money, Money challenge with Marisa Garra-Punshon

*** STARTING SOON IN JULY 2016 ***   The Money Money Money mini challenge is for all of those who want to rev up their cash flow and start the new financial year feeling positive and empowered. The challenge will show you proven strategies to increase your turnover, unlock your cash and work smarter not

I know the truth about your business

I know the truth about your business. I know that you don’t always ‘love’ what you do, even though you smile and pretend you do. I know that you don’t always jump out of bed in the morning, excited by another day of work. I know that you worry, sometimes a lot, about how you’re

Isn’t it a bit…..selfish?

I can’t afford it The kids wouldn’t cope without me Surely I should be spending that money on my business – I could do with a new x Isn’t it a bit…..selfish? Perhaps these are some thoughts that have circled your head when considering the upcoming AusMumpreneur Women Leading Fearlessly Retreat (or any self development

Ego is Not a Dirty Word

As humans, we are designed to run away from things that scare us. We are programmed to run away from things that cause us pain. We are less inclined to move towards those things that give us pleasure. It has something to do with our reptilian brain. The oldest part of the human brain. You

Understanding and Trusting Your Business Compass

Did you know that the lining of your gut contains more nerve cells than the whole spinal cord? Inside every woman is an internal GPS system. It’s like a compass, which constantly points you in the direction of your greatest life. It’s constantly speaking to you through your body in the form of your deep

Treasurer Announces Billions of Dollars for Mumpreneurs

After more than 12 months of lobbying the federal government and flying around the country meeting with ministers, we are very excited to announce that tonight the federal treasurer of Australia, Scott Morrison, will announce billions of dollars to help women return to the workforce, provide flexible subsidised childcare, offer tax incentives for mumpreneurs and

6 Ingredients to a Winning Aussie Startup

Startups – This word gets thrown around a lot in the business world.  It makes most of us think of a group of young people, generally in their 20s, talking about this great idea (over a few beers) which has the potential to change the world (and their wallets, too). A startup company or startup

8 Ways to Break Through Your Money Blocks

Don’t you hate that awful feeling of spinning around and around, busy, busy, busy but not making any money!! You know what you want, have ideas about how to achieve your money goal but, for some reason, are not moving forward. Even worse, are you stuck in the scenario of taking one-step forward then two