The Ins and Outs of Teaching Kids About Money

It’s no secret that children pick up many habits from their parents. Along the same lines as inheriting a fear of snakes, kids find it easy to recognise patterns in money saving behaviour and mimic them. And with research showing that one in four Aussies suffer from financial stress, it’s important to educate kids about

How To Manage Growth in Your Small Business

As the head of SME (small to medium enterprise) Business for St George Bank, Stuart Zalunardo has mingled with the Ausmumpreneur Network for a number of years now and is an avid supporter of women in business. Stuart was delighted to have the opportunity to again judge this year’s Ausmumpreneur Of The Year Award and

Make More Money With Cloud Tech

Cloud technology is revolutionising small business providing an opportunity to be more efficient and productive, lowering overheads and giving you more time to focus on money-making activities. It enables people to collaborate and work from anywhere in the world from a café in Florence to an airport lounge in Melbourne, all you need is a

Get Paid To Do What You Love

Why do people quit their jobs to open up a business following a passion only to find themselves working longer hours, worrying about lack of money and scared that they will end up sick from stress and lack of time to look after themselves  physically and emotionally? That’s because following your passion will not guarantee

How can we solve the gender pay gap?

Australian women earn about 83¢ cents for every $1 a man earns. This statistic is according to a report by recruitment firm, Glassdoor and is based on an analysis of more than 534,000 salary reports between men and women around the world. A report by Hired found that companies offer women 3% less than men

Money, Money, Money challenge with Marisa Garra-Punshon

*** STARTING SOON IN JULY 2016 ***   The Money Money Money mini challenge is for all of those who want to rev up their cash flow and start the new financial year feeling positive and empowered. The challenge will show you proven strategies to increase your turnover, unlock your cash and work smarter not

#inthenews Peace Mitchell speaks to 9 News

Peace Mitchell is featured in this interview about how the Federal Budget will affect women in business featured on 9 news. We really believe investing in women has the power to change the world and we’re so determined to prove that we can make a difference with our new Women’s Business School which launches with a national 5

Four Powerful Ways to Reach Your Financial Goals in 2016

There is an incredible opportunity for you today to create a profitable business. Once you make the decision to create your reality and put steps in place to achieving this, you will begin to experience a powerful shift. It’s all about planning, focus and dedication. Setting your goals, crunching your numbers and ensuring that you

‘Tis the season of reflection

As the year comes to a close, it’s an opportune time to reflect back on the year; to magnify the wins and take the losses on the chin. BUSINESS EXPANSION I started off with the intention to broaden my client base. 2015 was my year to expand; to spread my wings and explore other fields

Licking the wounds to your ego

My son is about to finish primary school. As part of the graduation ceremony, the children were asked to choose a quote. He surprised me when he chose this one: Falling down is part of life, getting back up is living. Quite a mature concept for a primary school child, I thought. What was more

How to find Grant Funding for your business

  I don’t know why this has only just occurred to me, but I think I have some really important information that you need to know about! In a ‘previous life’ (i.e. when I worked in corporate and not for profit sectors) I spent a LOT of time either helping people find government and non-government

Queensland Home Based Business Grant Apply Here

The Queensland Government is making grants of up to $5000.00 available to home-based entrepreneurs in what is the first program of its kind in Australia. Under the Queensland entrepreneurs of Tomorrow Home Based Business Program funding will be available to stay-at-home-parents seeking to establish or develop home based businesses. The Government has committed $1 Million over

How business banking can help you

We recently held a live chat Q & A with Stuart Zalunardo, the head of small business at St George Banking Group. If you have questions about your business, St George Banking Group have provided us with dedicated AusMumpreneur Bankers in every state! They’re ready to answer all of your business banking questions and look

Tax tips for working from home

Some great tax tips from CEO of Regus Australia and New Zealand, Paul Migliorini Tip 1: If you’re working for someone else have a conversation with your employer If you’re someone who works from home, you may be eligible for tax deductions that are unavailable to in-office employees. However, it’s important to have a conversation with