Mindset: From Success to Wealth

As I journey along in my business adventures I realise many things. Things that I wouldn’t have really understood at the beginning of my journey. Not because I am not smart enough to understand, it’s because it has been a progressional process that I could only truly understand by experiencing them. Recently I recognized that

5 Opportunities for Mums to Experience Greater Business Success

Mums are entering business at a rapid rate as they look for greater flexibility, a solution to childcare issues and more meaningful work. Mums are highly skilled, educated and resourceful yet the success of women in business is not reflective of this. Today I want to highlight 5 things mums in business can do to

CONFIDENCE : Ausmumpreneur Mini Challenge

*** STARTING ON 18 APRIL 2017 *** Grow your confidence as you grow your business! Join Ausmumpreneur Expert, Katrina McCarter of Marketing to Mums as she teaches you 6 tasks which can be implemented over thirty days to really boost your confidence in business. This mini challenge consists of 2 parts – Part 1 and

The Vase

You take a deep breath before you walk into your mum’s bedroom. You see you beautiful yet frail body laying there, just a shadow of her former vibrant self. As smile spreads across her face when she sees you. As you approach her bed she reaches out her bony hand for you to hold. You

When Did You Last Really Take Time Out For You?

It’s the start of a new day. The alarm has gone off at 5am again. You begrudgingly flick it off wishing you could just sleep for another couple of hours. You are so tired from staying up late the night before working but you also know that the way you start your day has a

The Single Mother’s 5 Guidelines to Having It All

Most single parents didn’t initially set out to tread the steep and often treacherous path of single parenting. If you’ve been privy to the stigma that still surprisingly exists around taking this path, you’ll know how it can hurt. Sometimes more than you expect. My dad gave me some excellent advice once. He said, “Success

4 Steps to Cool, Calm & Collected Challenge

*** STARTING ON 7 NOVEMBER 2016 *** The life of a mumpreneur can be overwhelming. Juggling so many balls in the air it can feel like you are losing control, stressed out and not know who you are anymore.Regain the old you, feel relaxed again and energised to take on the world with 4 steps

The Business Flower Analogy

Choosing to plant the seed of a business idea takes time and care. There’s no point throwing a seed into the ground and expecting it to take root unless you are willing to nurture it. This is the bit that no-one sees, the part that goes unvalued by life partners and the part that takes

I Got Electrocuted!

Yep you read it right. I got electrocuted. It was my own fault though. I recently participated with 3 other girlfriends in Tough Mudder. For those that don’t know, Tough Mudder is a 20km SAS like course, with 20 obstacles and a whole lot of mud along the way, just to make it a little

Get Paid To Do What You Love

Why do people quit their jobs to open up a business following a passion only to find themselves working longer hours, worrying about lack of money and scared that they will end up sick from stress and lack of time to look after themselves  physically and emotionally? That’s because following your passion will not guarantee

Finalists are winners too

The 2016 St George Banking Group Ausmumpreneur Conference & Awards was absolutely amazing. There were so many highlights and everything was so well managed by everyone involved in making the weekend memorable for the 250 attendees. With so many finalists over all of the categories there are more non-winners than winners and I know that

How A Purple Cow Stopped My Anger

As I stood there watching his little face, eyes red from his tears, snot trickling down from his nose, the house filled with the sounds of his wailing, I could feel a torrent of emotions bubbling up inside of me. If you didn’t know better, you could be forgiven for thinking I had asked my

Five Awesome Traits of Charismatic, Feminine Influencers

Have you ever wondered what makes some women into opportunity magnets? These are the types of women who are natural born leaders. They get invited to speak and participate in exciting opportunities all the time. The thing is, charisma can be learnt. No matter what her circumstances are, every single woman is capable of raising

The Belief Which Drives My Business Success

I was recently a panellist at the Women’s Business School in Perth hosted by the amazing Peace and Katy from Ausmumpreneur.  They kindly invited me to join them for the whole day and it was an amazing experience. We worked through lots of amazing business enhancing exercises and I learned lots. I was challenged outside