Mums Rule The World

Women are the power brokers of the universe.  According to Canadian Research, mums are responsible for more than $132 billion in spending every year in Australia.  They say that if mums were an industry they would be the largest contributor to GDP. They control more than 80% of all consumer spending decisions. Women are emerging

How To Effectively Sell More Of Your Products Online

It’s getting close to the business end of the year and for most of us with eCommerce businesses we’re heading into potentially the busiest sales period of the year. Yet when chatting to many Productpreneurs, lately, I hear a real mixed bag of emotions: Nervous that they won’t have bumper sales this Christmas. Anxious about

How to plan a killer Christmas campaign

It’s coming up to that time of year where all eCommerce businesses are planning their Christmas campaigns. Many small business owners find it difficult to plan a successful Christmas promotion (or any promotion for that matter!). Whether this is your busiest time of year, or you need to engineer a boost in sales to prevent

How To Identify Your Most Profitable Customers

Do you treat all your customers equally? This is not the time to be like a parent who loves all their children equally… You SHOULD love some customers more than others. Let me explain. And in the process, I’ll give you some insight into your customers, and explain how to build your business around your

How to Grow your Audience the Easy Way!

It’s very hard to sell anything if you don’t have an audience, but how can you grow your audience without it costing you the earth? There are a number of ways you can do this but today we’ll start by looking at the easiest option that you already have at your fingertips! One of the

Automated Sales System challenge with Catherine Langman

*** STARTING ON 5 SEPTEMBER 2016 *** Join Ausmumpreneur Expert, Catherine Langman, for our  new September 4-week mini challenge as she teaches you how to set up an automated sales system that converts online. In this challenge, you will be learning Cath’s 5 powerful strategies to attract more visitors and sell more products in your

Part 1: Building your Brand

Hi everyone, this is the first installment of a 4 part series of articles that I have lovingly compiled especially for you. They will be filled with advice, discoveries, musings and other thoughts that I hope may inspire or assist you in some way. Building your brand, when do you start? This subject is so

How Strong are your Business Foundations?

Have you noticed that it’s getting harder and harder to stand out from the online crowd?   Let’s face it, online is a pretty crowded place! There are over 25 million online businesses in the world, but only 2% are making more than $1000 PER YEAR! So what can you do to have potential customers choose

Queensland Home Based Business Grant Apply Here

The Queensland Government is making grants of up to $5000.00 available to home-based entrepreneurs in what is the first program of its kind in Australia. Under the Queensland entrepreneurs of Tomorrow Home Based Business Program funding will be available to stay-at-home-parents seeking to establish or develop home based businesses. The Government has committed $1 Million over

marketing strategy

Marketing for Start-Ups with Rachel Kinscher

Tell us a bit about yourself and your business Waking from the daze of new motherhood, with the realisation that all learned knowledge about business and life had to be re-evaluated. Rachel has been able to re-create herself to achieve a balance that enables her to share in the joy of watching a little person

How to market your business on no money

If marketing your business is doing your head in you need to read this! One of the most important and ongoing decisions in running a business is how to market your product or service. Not only will it depend on a great deal of research and analysis but also, of course, your budget. For the

pinterest VS instagram: which one’s best for YOUR business?

With photographs, illustrations, diagrams and infographics – small businesses like yours can use visual media to incredible effect. For social media heavyweights Pinterest and Instagram, usage has soared over recent years – and they are now firm favourites for individuals and companies alike. But, if your business is small, you probably don’t have the time

Pinterest: 3 inspired ways to make pinterest work for you

Part moodboard, part shopping list, part ‘my perfect life’; it’s no wonder Pinterest has become the 3rd largest social network worldwide behind Facebook and Twitter, particularly beloved by women 25-45 in search of a quick inspiration fix. According to RichRelevance Pinterest drives 25% of retail referrals, so for businesses in search of a relatively quick

How the ‘big brands’ use pinterest & instagram

  If you have an ecommerce store it has the perfect opportunity to use social media like Pinterest and Instagram to show off your wonderful product images. It is not just a matter of showing them off though; you must do this in a way to gain interaction or engagement from your followers. “The use