What The New Facebook Page Design Means For Your Business

At the beginning of March 2014, Facebook announced that a new design was being rolled out for Facebook pages (again!!). We have seen many changes over the years and it certainly keeps small business owners who use Facebook to market their business on their toes. The design has started to roll out slowly but here

New Rules on Facebook Competitions

This morning, we were greeted with the news that Facebook has loosened the rules in regards to running promotions and competitions on Facebook pages.  You can now run promotions (contests, sweepstakes or competitions)  on your Facebook Page without using a 3rd party app.   You can read the official announcement from Facebook here. Pages can now: *

Is Your Facebook Page Ready For Graph Search?

Facebook introduced Graph Search in January 2013.  Since the announcement, Facebook users have been able to register their interest to test the beta version.  Some have been able to test it out already while others are still waiting. Basically, Graph Search is a Search Engine, or social search, for Facebook, allowing users to search content

Is Facebook All About The Numbers?

    Over the past 6 months or so, there has been many business owners disheartened by the decrease in reach and visibility of page posts.  When I say “many” business owners, I should probably say “most” business owners.  Less likers are seeing posts – that is a fact!   1.  If your business has been greatly

Starting A New Business – What To Do First by Jayne Day

You have a fabulous business idea and can’t wait to get started. Before you start marketing your business you need to have a few basic things in place. There is some legal requirements such as applying for an ABN number and registering business name and there is others that will differentiate your business between a